Interalta, by Jaime E.

Interalta is the first domain name I ever registered, back in 2003, which means this oldie is older than Instagram or YouTube. :) was a business venture I started earlier that year, to provide domain name registrations and web hosting services. Assets were sold a couple of years later but I kept the domain name for myself.

You can check the legacy website (in Spanish), which is still up & running for historical and nostalgic reasons, but many pages are certainly disabled. You can also check the first version of Interalta thanks to The Wayback Machine (the Internet Archive) to have an idea how it looked like back in 2003. Please bear in mind some benevolence while you do so. :)

By the way, I like to donate to the Internet Archive often. Would you like to contribute as well? Even a small donation of just $5 every now and then can make a positive impact to help to preserve the largest online, non-profit library and web archive worldwide.

Interalta Mirror Server

I'm currently providing a free, public mirror server from the mirrors subdomain, to support Open Source software like Apache, CTAN, CPAN, Cygwin and GIMP.

Let's get in touch! Reach out to me at

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